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    I’ve been researching this topic online for a couple of days now, and I haven’t found any good resources that gives me detailed descriptions on how to publish a journal article.

    I’ll be finish with my PhD soon and want to continue my research.  I have a few Journals in mind where I would like to contribute my work, but I need guidance on where I need to look on educating myself on this.

    Dr Ann Lawless

    Dear Daniel

    I find the following useful:

    Aitchison C, Kamler B and Lee A “publishing pedagogies for the doctorate and beyond”


    Thomson P, Kamler B “Writing for peer reviewed journals”

    Stephen Gorard

    Hi. Why not put your question(s) about publishing a paper up here directly? What is it you want to know?

    You know what a paper tends to look like. You can read the author guidelines for any journal you are considering. Always adhere to these. You can email the editor first and ask if your paper is suitable. Don’t submit to more than one at once, but until published you retain copyright. Be aware that the only real difference in prestige between outlets relates to the chances of rejection – but this is only a probability. Be prepared to be rejected – it is normal and we have all had it (out of around 500 papers I have had published perhaps 50 were rejected outright on first submission). Use any feedback to improve readability and logic and submit elsewhere. Write as simply and clearly as possible. Alert reader to any limitations of the study. Use tables and graphics to assist reader to see key points (don’t clobber them). Ensure that the abstract is a full account of the purpose, method, findings and implications (not a teaser)…..  


    Thank you…Great resource!


    Great feedback!

    Dr Ann Lawless

    Hi again Daniel

    Let us know how you go.  Will you publish after the doctorate?  How about developing a research plan and share them here so that you are motivated by disclosing it to peers/

    Mine looks like this:

    identify if entire thesis could be published as a book, and who by

    identify relevant chapters which could be published as journal articles – and where eg the methodology chapter, the literature review(s), case studies, the findings, the community significance eg does you thesis or a chapter have something to say to a specific community of interest – eg to scholars from marginalized communities?

    do you have an academic mentor at your university or in a university network who you can discuss this with? 

    do you have contact with other recent graduates who have already done this and what did they learn?

    Dr Ann Lawless

    Dear Daniel

    How is your publishing project going?


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