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    Dear Friends,

    Interestingly, we now have various editing softwares. So far, we have whitesmoke, scrivener, celtx, and stylewriter. If there is anyone, who has already compared two or more, please share with the group your findings. I think that it would  be interesting to know more about these softwares.

    I want also to acknowlege friends, who shared with us other related softwares and reading materials, which making writing easy such as mind-mapping, referencing, etc.



    Dear Laurie,

    Thank you for your contribution.

    Our members have now a wide choice of the writing and/or editing tools. We have members of various backgrounds, “hard” scientists and social scientists. So, either one or both groups would benefit from your suggestions of the Scientific writing: a reader and writer’s guide.





    For writing short pieces most of the other suggestions work fine. For long pieces (reports, books novels) or complex pieces (research proposals), scrivener is about as good as there is with all of its notes, provisions for revisions, split screens and easy organisation of sections. For developing the structure of a piece of writing that has reference to ‘chacters’ (.e.g research proposals, ethnographic writing) Storymill, Celtx or other screenwriting software is excellent … allows you to form scenes, activities and link characters, produces timelines etc. that are increasingly needed these days as research proposals seemed to be marked more like essays.



    Just to clarify to some people, who are wondering why we are discussing both writing and editing softwares. It is because most writing softwares comprise also editing tools. So, although we were initially discussing the editing softwares only, it became inevitable to talk about writing tools as well.



    Michael Fischer!

    Thank U for making a comparison between the writing/editing software needed for short/simple pieces of work and those needed for long/complex pieces of work.

    To clarify, are you saying the following:

    A) If we are writing and/or editing SHORT/SIMPLE pieces of work, we can use the following:

    1. Whitesmoke
    2. Stylewriter

    How many words roughly refers to a short piece (e.g. Below 3000 words)?


    B) If we are writing and editing LONG/COMPLEX pieces of work (e.g. reports, proposals, novels), we can use:

    1. Scrivener

    How many words are you talking about when referring to a long piece (e.g. 5000 and above)? I like the idea that Scrivener has notes, allows for revision and easy to organise into sections. If you are aware of Writer’s blocks, it sounds as thouse Scrivener has the tool to make notes and manuscriptis, does it do this?


    C) Check the last point! I’m not sure if you meant Characters or chapters…anyway, are you saying that if we are writing and editing research proposals or any thesis ethnographically (making reference to scenes, charactors, activities, etc) it is best we use the following:

    1. Storymill
    2. Celtx

    If I heard you correctly on the last point, it sounds like Storymill might not work well for any academic writing, which is not ethnographically driven. It sounds somehow like Storyist software, what do you think?






    How do these programs handle footnotes and end-notes? With regard to the passive voice, I agree but I noticed recently a style manual ( science/ engineering) that claimed in order to be entirely objective the passive voice is recommended. I want a powerful academic writing software with a good referencing and bibliographic system. I dislike End Note as clunky and not particularly friendly – any suggestions?


    Thank you good Sir – I was leaning towards Scrivener. I would like to say thank you also to all who have contributed to this discussion, some very helpful things were written.

    Cheers G.


    Nice summary thank you.


    whitesmoke, scrivener

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    Can you share me this software ?

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    I would also like to make a small addition – resources to check for plagiarism. There are many programs for writing and editing, but for proofreading, it is very important to use verified resources.

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