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    Tobias Wa

    Hey there,


    i’m conducting a Research about a new trainig to prevent alcohol relapse.

    i have the following variables:


    DV: relapse(0/1)

    IV1: self-esteem(scale)

    IV2: number of Training sessions (nominal: 0-3/4-6/7-12)

    IV3: number of addiction diagnoses (1-5)

    – do i have to take interactions into account?


    1) i want to look if one of These variables could predict whether a recipient of the Training will have a relapse in the future or not.

    2) a second step would be to look if this predictor also holds for the controll condition (People who didn’t absolve the Training).


    how can i do this using SPSS?

    i thought about a binary Regression, but how can i solve the second step?

    Dave Collingridge

    Looks like you could run a binary logistic regression with relapse (0/1) as the DV to be regressed onto your 3 IV predictors. A nominal scale for IV2 might not work so well and so you might want to reduce it to a binary categorical variable, if possible. 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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