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    M Hyder

    Hi All,


    I am conducting a research on Pakistan’s economy. It is about the effects on GDP, GNP, IMPORTS,EXPORTS, EDUCATION & some other factors after joining the WTO. I am clear on Introduction and literature review but i don’t know what to do in “RESEARCH METHODOLGY” section. I am using data extracting from the official websites and pakistan economic surveys.I am not applying any statistical method or using any hypothesis. I will generate rresults after interpreting the data (Tables, Graphs & Figures) theoretically.

    Would it be quantitative approach(Case-study, Content Analysis), Qualitative Approach or Mixed Method?


    Also what to do in Research Design and Research Strategy?


    Your early response will be highly appreciated.


    Kind regards




    First you need to decide what will be the paradigm of your research? positivism or post-positivism/interpretivism or constructivism and so on…. That will guide you to decide what research design you should follow to get the answer of your questions since you have already done your lit review. Looks like your research will fit more into Case study which will give you the freedom to collect data from different resources and using different data collection methods. However, according to the experts ‘case study’ is considered as qualitative method although it can collect quantitative data as well.

    Yasir Riaz

    I dont think this is a case study, as case study allows freedom of random choice among case and control. But in this case, case and control are fixed (before and after WTO).


    I have not considered any before and after cases. Suggested as case study considering Pakistan’s economy as a case. Given the circumstances, among 3 types: explanatory, descriptive and exploratory the study can fit in to descriptive case study where it will explore the cause and effect relationship. Data can be collected from survey, history and documents. Findings to be presented from descriptive analysis.

    M Hyder

    I am really thankful to both of you but honestly,i already considered and started the work on Tabassum’s idea. Actually i am quite new in Research Methods so it always get me confused to figure it out.Appriciate your help. Hope ot keep in touch with you guys again.

    Kind regards & Many thanks again to both of you & to this forum in particular


    no worries
    Most welcome

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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