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    Mona Nasser

    Sibbald et al describe stakeholder engagement as one of the key process elements defining the success of priority setting. Different initiatives have developed methods and processes to incorporate the views of different stakeholders during their process and ensure their “true involvement”. The James Lind alliance is one of these organizations that brings patients and clinicians together in ‘Priority Setting Partnerships’ to identify and prioritise the unanswered questions that they agree are most important (http://www.lindalliance.org/). There are other initiatives trying to develop methods and processes to identify and incorporate the views of disadvantaged groups in the priority setting. Despite the extensive attempts on priority setting, there are still groups whose priorities are less likely to be addressed in research projects like those living in areas involved in war and conflict. so the questions is whose priorities should be considered in determining research projects to increase the impact of the results on global health, what are the “appropriate” methods and processes to involve these stakeholders and who are the stakeholders that we are missing in the current practice of priority setting?

    Sibbald SL, Singer PA, Upshur R, Martin DK. Priority setting: what constitutes success? A conceptual framework for successful priority setting. BMC Health Serv Res. 2009 Mar 5;9:

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