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    Umm Ibrahim


    In my thesis I have two studies:

    Study 1: a qualitative study on one population.

    Study 2: a mixed methods sequential exploratory study on a different population.

    A few findings from Study 1 were incorporated into Study 2. 

    Findings from each study will be reported in their own chapters separately, however findings from both will be used to provide guidelines to a regulatory body, and reported in the thesis. 

    On the basis of above, how would you describe my overall research design for the thesis?

    Stephen Gorard

    sNo. Because I don’t use terms like qual/quant/mixed (see attached from Sage Handbook of ‘Mixed’ methods for my outline reasons). These terms do not help and actually tend to confuse. Just describe what you do. Don’t waste the words on super-categories of dubious validity

    An example of a confusion is that your question ask about the ‘design’ of your study. Design has nothing to do with this or with anything you say about Studies 1 and 2 (above). To understand design look at my book:


    Zack Moosa

    Can I use mixed methods research to propose a sustainable development indicators for tourism?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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