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    Johnny Saldana


    Sage Publications wants to put up a companion website for my new book that has links to outstanding qualitative research articles from various disciplines (but they MUST be from journals published by Sage, like “Field Methods,” “Qualitative Inquiry,” “Qualitative Health Research,” etc.).


    What, to you, are at least 1 to 3 outstanding qualitative research articles you’ve read (or written!–don’t be shy!) that you feel merit a listing on the reference web page? What qualitative research articles do you feel are worth anyone in qualitative research reading, regardless of discipline? Remember: they MUST be from journals published by Sage.


    If you can send me any bibliographic info (the more complete the better) about your recommended article(s), I’d appreciate your help with this project. I’m looking for a wide range of genres and topics, from health care to psychology, from ethnography to grounded theory, from mixed methods to arts-based research. Either post to this discussion, or send the info to:





    Johnny Saldaña,

    Evelyn Smith Professor

    Arizona State University

    Emma Jordan

    Hi Johnny

    I would like to nominate Laurel Richardson’s article, Writing: A Method of Inquiry (from Denzin, N. and Lincoln, Y (2000) Handbook of Qualitative Research 2nd Edition: Sage) as an outstanding journal article and one that has inspired and shaped my career.  I discovered the article three years ago, at a writing class given by Dr Ken Gale at Plymouth University in the UK, and not only did it motivate me to complete my MA, but I will be presenting at QI2013.

    Laurel’s article taught me to be bold in my academic writing, to strive for aesthetic and creative merit and to enjoy my inquiries and I cannot recommend her article highly enough. 

    Emma Jordan

    Plymouth University, UK

    Dave Collingridge


    I recently published an article in Mixed Methods Research (published by Sage) that explains rigorous ways to statistically analyze qualitative data that have been quantitized. It think it is useful for qualitative researchers thinking about comparing code counts and expression of themes based on demographic variables. Collingridge, D.S (2013). A primer on quantitized data analysis and permutation testing, 7(1), 79-95.


    Hi Johnny


    I don’t know if this is the sort of thing you mean but we wrote an important methodological paper that puts into perspective the issue of sampling adequacy in qualitative research, specifically taking issue with the notion of saturation.


    O’Reilly, M. and Parker, N. (2012). Unsatisfactory Saturation’: A critical exploration of the notion of saturated sample sizes in qualitative research. Qualitative Research DOI: 10.1177/1468794112446106

    Best wishes


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