Free Course: How to Get Published

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For the 2020 MethodSpace AcWriMo we aim to catalyze new thinking about Publishing Trends (and what they mean for academic writers.) See the whole series here.

Make AcWriMo a time to transform your notes and drafts into an article!

Throughout the month we will share ideas and resources for new and established academic writers. Here is one you will want to explore: How to Get Published, a free online course from SAGE Campus. The 1 to 3-hour course walks you through steps toward getting a journal article published.

Three modules cover:

1. Choosing a journal

  • Where to start when choosing a journal
  • Factors to consider before final selection
  • High- vs low-risk submissions

2. Preparing your paper for submission

  • How to prepare a manuscript for submission
  • Copyright and publication ethics considerations
  • Correctly listing the authors of a paper
  • Considering a preprint submission
  • How to submit a paper to a journal

3. The publication process

  • The initial decision after an article is submitted
  • What happens when a paper is sent for peer review
  • How to handle revisions or rejection decisions
  • The production process for accepted papers

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