Free Resource: “Teaching Social Research Methods and Data Science Skills Online”

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Click here to download the SAGE White Paper here; Teaching Social Research Methods and Data Science Skills Online: Using Lean Methods to Build Effective E-Learning Solutions.

This white paper aims to contribute to the small but growing body of literature on best practice and tips for developing curricula and teaching social research methods and data science online by sharing experiences of the team who developed SAGE Campus.

The teaching and learning of social research methods, and quantitative skills in particular, is of growing importance. Several high-profile capacity-building initiatives, such as Nuffield and the ESRC’s Q-Step initiative in the UK, have launched in recent years with an aim of improving research skills of postgraduates and undergraduates.

This SAGE white paper is co-authored by Debbie Collins at Southampton University, Nicholas Fernando of Grow Learning and Andy Kirk, data visualisation expert and trainer. It presents a review of current literature on approaches to teaching research skills and provides a context for the development of SAGE Campus, our online learning platform providing a range of online courses for social scientists to learn data science skills.

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