Free tips, resources, and exercises from SAGE’s Success in Research Series

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SAGE has pulled together some tips, exercises and resources covering a number of key areas of professional and research development: presenting research, developing research proposals, developing transferable skills, publishing journal articles, achieving impact in research, and teaching in higher education.


The free resources are:

  • The week of your presentation event checklist
  • Using your nerves: relaxation exercise
  • Funding Sources Suggestions
  • Literature Review Tips
  • Development Cycle Diagram
  • Learning Preferences Activity
  • Using Spider Charts in your planning
  • Writer’s Block – tips for combatting
  • Stakeholder engagement activity
  • A Work Package Approach
  • Teaching Aids chart
  • Research Seminar Checklist

These resources all come from SAGE’s Success in Research Series from Cindy Becker and Pam Denicolo. The series provides short, authoritative, and accessible guides on key areas of professional and research development. Avoiding jargon and cutting to the chase of what you really need to know, these practical and supportive books are essential reading for any student or researcher interested in developing their skills and broadening their professional and methodological knowledge in an academic context.


View the resources here