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You may have noticed an implicit question in recent MethodSpace posts: how can researchers communicate more effectively, particularly if we want to reach beyond our own institutions, disciplines, cultures, and other boundaries?

Communicating in visual or multimodal ways allows us to reach people who might not read the words we write. A MethodSpace focus for May is on ways to visualize research ideas as well as findings. In June and July, we will build on these ideas with a focus on Creative and Arts-Based Methods. Find all posts in this unfolding series.

So we can engage in real-time and have a conversation about thought-provoking approaches, MethodSpace is going live with a series of webinars. The first one is Get Creative! Research with Pictures & Stories. Register now and join us for a webinar panel on July 18, 2019. Find the time in your zone 

In this webinar Kara will discuss research and dissemination uses of graphic books and comics; Nolas will talk about multimodal field research; while Salmons will detail visual methods for collecting data in online qualitative research.

A panel-style format with 3 expert contributors and time for discussion means this will be lively and interactive event. The panel will include Dr. Helen KaraDr. Melissa Nolas, and yours truly, Dr. Janet Salmons.

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