Grounded Theory Online.

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I am chuffed as buttons to have launched last Friday from Los Angeles airport, California (though am now back in my office/cupboard in deepest West Sussex).

Through the site, Fellows of the Grounded Theory Institute – with the endorsement of Barney Glaser and the Institute – offer methodological support to post doc researchers, supervisors, research committees and PhD students at every stage of the Grounded Theory journey from proposal to publication. We will use Skype, email, video conferencing and any appropriate communication software to conduct online seminars, mentoring, coaching and review of dissertations/theses/papers. Publicly available content currently focuses on beginning researchers addressing the questions: What is Grounded Theory? Which Grounded Theory? Is it for me? How do I do it? Our next priority will be developing short courses.

Please check us out and if you like us, please could you help us get noticed as at the moment we are invisible! Although we have had 217 visits from 42 countries in 4 days, averaging 4.5 minutes on the site with a 46% bounce rate – which is a great start! We would also really appreciate your feedback and suggestions for new content.

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