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How ‘Good Work’ Hurts Political Science

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    In their book A Model Discipline (Clarke 2012a), Clarke and Primo characterize and criticize the corporate culture of the contemporary US political science profession. Employing qualitative methods, they write as participant observers in the field. In this essay, I will draw attention to one of the central arguments in their book; viz., that the current conception of good work in the profession is too constraining, and that their proposal for a more liberating conception of good work should be adopted. While calling for more methodological openness, this is not the usual appeal for toleration of mixed methods in political science.  As we will see, Clarke and Primo take the debate in a new direction by including descriptions of the deleterious effects of the dominant methodological paradigm on the profession.

    For example, the power structure in the profession undermines intellectual integrity.

    William J. Kelleher, Ph.D.

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