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How They are Healing Physics Envy in Biology

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    Hey Everybody!

    Check out my review of Ernst Mayr’s What Makes Biology Unique? (2004 Cambridge U P)

    He has a lot to say that can be useful in methods discussions for social and political science.

    Lets talk about it!

    Bill Kelleher



    How They are Healing Physics Envy in Biology



    Physics envy is a malady that distorts perceptions and understanding in political science today, according to Clarke and Primo.   On the assumption that Reason can heal this instance of misguided commitment in our profession, I review the last book written by the renowned biologist Ernst Mayr (1904-2005), which he intended as his final statement on the nature of biology. His clear thinking on the same malady in biology provides a therapeutic orientation from which we political scientists can learn much. Free read, safe download at,


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