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IPA and narrative?

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    Hi everyone – I think I accidentally sent you all private messages and I meant to do a “group” one. (Im happy to email privately as well). Just looking for feedback from anyone who has used both IPA and narrative approaches in the same study?



    Abeya El Bakry

    That’s alright

    Tom Wengraf

    Dear Tamara (and anybody else)

    Among the many people who have used the three sub-session interview method of BNIM (the Biographic-Narrative Interpretive Method), there are definitely a number who have used IPA for some or all of their interpretation. So you are not alone!

    If you write to me at, I can send you a BNIM bibliography (some 80 BNIM theses so far, plus articles, chapters, reports, etc).

     Could you let me know what your research focus is, and what sort of people you intend to do BN interviews with?

    Best wishes


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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