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Data collection: “consumption of automated bank services by low literate consumers”

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    I am developing a research project at Masters. My theme is in the title of this discussion. I want to study how the people with formal low literacy (illiterate and elementary school, in the continuum incomplete and complete degree) deal with ATMs in the environment of the bank agencies: Do they ask for help? Do they spend lots of time? Do they go inside the bank and get the lines to traditional service with cashiers? Why? And so on.

    I am thinking in develop non-participant observation and semi-structured interview. Probably I would get a lot of resistance by asking people just as a civil, so I intend to work in some kind of unpaid internship. In this way, I would transmit more safety to people when asking them about their consumption.

    My doubts stays in how could I refine more the design of the research: how to approach, when and where interview should occur, …



    Best regards.


    Gabriel Isboli

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