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Recommendation for Outlet for NVivo Qualitative Methods Paper

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    David Allsop

    Hi everyone,
    I’m trying to find a home for an instructional manuscript on how to use NVivo to perform qualitative methods (abstract below). I’ve tried three different journals (Current Psychology, Psychological Methods, Qualitative Health Research) with no luck (they say its good content, but not a good fit). Any suggestions?
    From 1995-2016, there has been a 15-fold increase in qualitative scholarship in the social sciences but the rigor and quality of published work has ranged widely. Little scholarship provides concrete, pragmatic explanation of (and direction regarding) execution of systematic, high-rigor qualitative analysis. The present article guides the developing qualitative researcher through technical and procedural aspects of analyzing qualitative data with specific attention to reliability and rigor. Guidance addressing transcription, importing data, forming coding pairs, performing initial/open coding (examples of three types), determining core themes, systematic team-based coding, maintaining a data audit trail, creating a Numeric Content Analysis (NCA) table, and preparing work for publication is provided. Material includes several tables and figures that offer practical demonstrations of how to use Nvivo in data analysis. Transcription tips and outsourcing benefits and cautions are also offered. Altogether, the present article provides qualitative researchers practical guidance for executing multiple stages of qualitative analysis.

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