Happy New Year! Now what…?

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Happy 2018! Here in Colorado we started the new year with fireworks and a Fireworks Over the Rockiessuper moon over the Rocky Mountains– surely symbolic of a burst of creativity at this time, when we open a new calendar and contemplate how to fill the pages? What will you do next, as a researcher, writer, instructor, mentor, consultant, and/or other roles you play?

Will you strive to complete research projects now underway, or will you start something new this year? Might you reframe your questions, given emerging global realities and social needs? Are you considering ways to design research using different methodologies and methods from tried-and-true familiar approaches? Where will you look to find exemplars or how-to advice?

Are you reflecting on the ways you write and places you publish? Do you want to reach more people within your academic discipline, or extend your reach beyond academia to include policy-makers, entrepreneurs, professionals, practitioners, and/or the general public? Are you pondering ways to make better use of online spaces such as blogs or social media to reach your target audiences? Or weighing alternative options for sharing findings with visual images or graphics, audio podcasts or media?

Are you thinking about your students, and how to better prepare them to be the kinds of researchers who make significant contributions that not only advance thinking in their fields, but also make the world a better place?

Methodspace posts and events in the coming year will explore these and other questions. Please use the comment area to suggest topics you would like to see us cover in 2018, or resources that would help you unleash your own creative fireworks this year.

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