How to Use MethodSpace

MethodSpace is a community site that includes blog posts, resources listings and an interactive community.  Anyone can view all the content on the website, but only registered members can contribute material directly to the site.

Anyone wishing to suggest material for the site but who opts not to register may submit posts, resources links, events, etc. directly to the MethodSpace community manager at

Getting started

The first step in joining the MethodSpace community is to register as a user. You can click on the ‘Sign Up’ box at the top upper right of any page on the site. This is also where existing users can ‘Login.’

Returning after a long time away? If you are a returning member of MethodSpace from its old platform, your old password will not work. Please click the ‘Forgot Password’ link and follow the instructions. You re-use your old password, by the way.

It says I should get an email but I didn’t! Please check your spam folder.

In signing up, you will be asked to answer several questions about yourself and your interests in  methods. This information will go into your profile. Your profile can be public, which means anyone can see your answers, or it it can remain private.


Having you participate is key to this website’s success. We recommend you click on the Groups tab at the top of the page and consider joining any that appeal to you. By doing so, you can then start a ‘Forum,’ which begins a new thread on a subject of interest to Group members, or you can contribute to a Discussion, which is a response to an existing Forum. You can also start a Group, but we encourage you to make sure that your new Group isn’t an existing Group or is so similar that it would be best to make your input part of that existing Group.

New members cannot post blog articles or insert events directly to the site. If you do have an article of interest to the methods community, or know about methods events, please contact us directly. Over time, as members participate on MethodSpace you will receive added abilities to interact, including adding this sort of content.