Why Is It Important to Merge Academic Practice and Social Media?

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Researchers are already using social media, acknowledges Sierra Williams, communications manager for Open Knowledge International, in the video below. Despite this, there’s often only a grudging acceptance of social media’s role, and sometimes even outright rejection. “The biggest issue,” says the former editor of The Impact Blog at the London School of Economics and Social Science, “is that social media is seen as a burden on academia; it’s just another element on an already heavy workload that academics are already dealing with.”

Despite such perceptions, Williams describes how social media can – and in truth does — fit more or less organically into a researcher’s life cycle, assisting in bedrock pursuits like collaboration, inspiration and impact.

Williams draws her remarks from a new book, Communicating Your Research with Social Media: A Practical Guide to Using Blogs, Podcasts, Data Visualisations and Video, just published by SAGE. Williams in one of four co-authors for the book, along with lead author Amy Mollett, social media manager at the LSE; Cheryl Brumley; and Chris Gilson.

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