Indigenous and Intercultural Research: February Focus

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In January we kicked off a new year with a focus on Researchers’ Roles. Posts explored a range of topics including ethics and integrity, planning, conducting, and disseminating research. You can read the whole series here. Now we’re transitioning to a new topic, and a different way of looking at researchers and roles we play. 

This February MethodSpace will take a wide-angle view on Indigenous and Intercultural Research. We will offer perspectives from across the globe, as we look at research design, preparation, and conduct of inquiries within indigenous, native, or formerly-colonized communities. We’ll consider ways to work ethically and responsibly when studying phenomena and problems in cultures and communities different from our own. We will also explore questions about instruction, supervision, and publication.

Dr. Bagele Chalisa will be our mentor-in-residence for February. We’ll highlight the new edition of her book, Indigenous Research Methodologies. Dr. Chalisa will contribute guest posts and resources. She and Dr. Deborah McGregor, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Environmental Justice at York University, will offer a webinar on February 27. 

Indigenous Research Methodologies is available with a 30% discount using the SAGE2020 code. The discount can be used to purchase any SAGE books relevant to indigenous research. 

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