Webinar on Indigenous and Intercultural Research: Issues, Ethics, and Methods

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Indigenous and Intercultural Research will be the MethodSpace focus for February. So we can go in depth and exchange ideas on these important topics, we are hosting a MethodSpace Live Webinar: Indigenous and Intercultural Research: Issues, Ethics, and Methods. Register now!

Date: February 27
Time: 18:00. Find the time in your zone here.
Register here

This webinar is an opportunity to learn practical tips for designing and conducting ethical and responsible research across Indigenous cultures. We are honored to welcome two distinguished panelists, Dr. Bagele Chilisa and Dr. Deborah McGregor. The webinar will be moderated by Dr. Janet Salmons, Methods Guru for SAGE MethodSpace.

Dr. Bagele Chilisa, is the author of Indigenous Research Methodologies and a University of Botswana Research and Evaluation Specialist. She will help us understand explore issues and methods for researchers to consider when studying formerly colonized societies, Indigenous people, or historically oppressed communities. Dr. Deborah McGregor, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Environmental Justice at York University in Toronto. She will help us understand Indigenous knowledge and environmental justice, Indigenous research approaches and intercultural research teams. She is currently collaborating on the UK-based Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Research Partnership project.

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    I would like to collaborate on taking the indigenous research initiative forward in order to show people in all societies that all countries have an indigenous heritage; that nothing is wrong with that ; that the exploitation and annihilation of indigenous people happened everywhere and that all modern societies can learn a lot from their indigenous ancestry. Let us indigenous the moderns.

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