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In February 2020 the MethodSpace focus was on indigenous research. We offered a webinar featuring Bagele Chilisa and Deborah McGregor, interviews with an indigenous doctoral student and her supervisor, and shared numerous other resources. In October 2020 we are focusing on Action Research, an approach some indigenous researchers use. Find that unfolding series here.

Open Access

Webinar on Indigenous and Intercultural Research: Issues, Ethics, and Methods
Find the webinar recording and related resources in this post.

Epistemological Questions in Indigenous Research
Read this collection of open access articles to explore epistemological questions in Indigenous research.

Visual & Narrative Methods in Indigenous Research
Read a collection of open access articles to explore the use of qualitative narrative and visual methods in Indigenous research.

Art and Indigenous Research
A curated collection of open access articles.

How Indigenous Doctoral Students Succeed
Learn from the experiences of a doctoral supervisor, Dr. Lynn Wilson, working online with an Indigenous student, Casuallen Atuatasi.

In Your Library


An Indigenous Research Narrative: Ethics and Protocols Over Time and Space
Read about Indigenous research in British Columbia and Peru about “regenerating traditional ecological knowledges.” Note: you will need to find these articles in your library, they are not open access.

Beyond Community Engagement: Centering Research through Indigenous Epistemologies and Peoplehood
This series of articles features the SAGE journal AlterNative. Note: you will need to find these articles in your library, they are not open access.

More from SAGE!

Study Indigenous Methods
Books and journals about indig
enous research methods.

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