Intercultural Learning: Foundations for Intercultural Research

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The MethodSpace focus for February 2020 was on Indigenous and Intercultural Research. You can find the series and related posts here.

Intercultural Learning: Understanding, Respect, and Self-Awareness

We are exploring Indigenous and Intercultural Research on MethodSpace this month. (See the entire series here.) We’re learning from perspectives of Indigenous researchers, as well as from researchers who enter others’ cultures to pursue their inquiries. Intercultural learning can help researchers develop the self-awareness and understanding necessary to interact respectfully with community members, gatekeepers, and participants. 

“It comes down to the fact that intercultural learning is not just about learning how to interact with somebody from a different country or culture. It’s really about self-development and growing as a human being and becoming a better person in the world…. [A] a big part of it is understanding yourself and how you make sense of an experience in the world.” – Tara Harvey

Listen and Learn!

Listen to this podcast interview with Stephanie Doscher, Director of Global Learning Initiatives at Florida International University and Tara Harvey, founder of True North Intercultural. 

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