Invitation to controversy

Categories: Qualitative

I just received the following invitation from Alex Cuncev, who has diligently been creating METHODSPACE.

I was wondering whether you would be interested in posting a controversy topic on a blog or as a part of a discussion group? The site is due to open to the public next week and having interesting topics might help to get more researchers with similar interests involved in discussion. Also a debate generated by you would contribute to raising the site’s academic profile.
Once again thank you for being involved!
Best wishes,
Alex Cuncev

My response follows:

Dear Alex,

Thanks for your invitation to controversy (I think). I am not one to seek controversy, but it does follow me from time to time.

A few questions that I have been pondering lately (arising from encounters, experiences, etc working with PSS):

1. Are we willing to dwell in ‘not knowing’? Really dwell, and not jump to comfortable conclusions (or, heaven forbid, superimpose predetermined theoretical frameworks on all of human existence!)
2. Are we able to accept several truths, even layers of truth? Is our take on ‘the truth’ more important than community and its needs and responses to us and our efforts?
3. Is it possible to become a more ethical person, rather than more astute at defending our ethics?
4. Are we secure enough in our own abilities to allow ourselves (and our work) to be influenced, even changed, by the thoughts and talents of others outside of our own comfort zone and discipline?
5. If a film, or piece of music or dance or opera is able to move me and profoundly effect me, why shouldn’t my research do the same for others? Is this possible? What are we waiting for, then?
6. When was the last time we laughed at ourselves?