Academic Writing Month: Collected Posts

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Many things are uncertain at this point in our maddening times. But one thing you can count on: if it is November, it is Academic Writing Month. Each year academic writers, whose work is typically solitary, look for community around the #AcWriMo tag. We commiserate and encourage one another. We support each others’ efforts to stay focused and make progress. We try to learn new skills and find tips from those who have succeeded.

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On MethodSpace, AcWriMo is the major focus each November. We partner with the Textbook and Academic Authors Association to offer useful advice and resources to motivate you and help you more forward. Scroll down for a list of 2020 posts. We’ll continue to add more content about academic writing, which you can find through this link.

Publishing Trends (and what they mean for academic writers)

For the 2020 MethodSpace Academic Writing Month we aim to catalyze new thinking about the future of your work. How will you get your ideas out to the world when academic writing today requires more than writing?

Even before Covid-19 threw us all for a loop, we couldn’t help but notice significant shifts in the ways publishers offer books and articles, the ways researchers share insights and findings, and the ways educators use resources in teaching and learning. For #AcWriMo20 focused on emerging trends, and what they mean for us as writers: what new skills will we need in a digital era oriented to audio and video? How can we adapt the skills we already have? And where we lack skills, how can we collaborate with others? Here are the posts, organized for easy access.



Visual Communications (in a digital world)

Writing and Publishing

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