Janet Salmons Becomes Debut MethodSpace ‘Methods Guru’

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Janet Salmons

Janet Salmons

The MethodSpace community continues to grow, and today we’re proud to announce that Janet Salmons is expanding her already large role as the pre-eminent MethodSpace blogger to become our first methods guru.

As such, Salmons will take on a greater operational and administrative role at the site, gathering and curating content, providing guidance and mentorship to the MethodSpace community, and guiding the growth of the site going forward. And, of course, continuing to write for us.

The Colorado-based Salmons describes herself as a “free-range scholar,” and works tirelessly as an independent scholar, writer and consultant through www.Vision2Lead.com, and as co-director of Path to Publishing. She has a demonstrated track record of serving learners – most recently as a dissertation mentor and qualitative methodologist at Walden University. When Salmons was on the graduate faculty of the Capella University School of Business, she received the Harold Abel Distinguished Faculty Award for 2011-2012 and the Steven Shank Recognition for Teaching in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

As a methodologist, Salmons has been a vigorous proponent of emerging qualitative techniques, and has developed several models that inform her own writing and teaching, such as the Qualitative E-Research Framework, Typology of Visual Online Interview Methods, and the Taxonomy of Online Collaboration.

She is a long-standing friend of MethodSpace (and our parent, SAGE Publishing) – here she is being interviewed seven years ago by SAGE’s Martha Sedgwick. She has three books in print with SAGE, including her newest, last year’s Doing Qualitative Research Online. She is also the author of one of SAGE’s Research Methods Case Studies,“How to Use Cases in Research Methods Teaching: An Author and Editor’s View,” and is a consultant to the methods case series.

Salmons is also the chair of Academy of Management Ethics Education Committee.


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