July Focus: Analyzing Words, Pictures, and Numbers

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Welcome to July!

This year on MethodSpace, we are walking through key research stages.

In the first quarter of 2021 we explored design steps, starting with a January focus on Finding the Question. We learned more about the design stage in February by focusing on Choosing Methodology and MethodsThe March focus was on Designing an Ethical Study. In the second quarter our focus moved from the design stage to the data collection stage. Our focus for April was on Collecting Data from & with Participants. In May, the focus was on Finding Data in Documents and Datasets and in June we looked at collecting all kinds of data online: Collecting Data with Digital or Virtual Methods. While we will continue to include posts about data collection, we are transitioning to the next quarter’s focus on data analysis. As you can see, the final quarter is dedicated to presenting, sharing, and publishing research.

This three month series on data analysis will include:

  • July: Analyzing Words, Pictures, and Numbers
  • August: Interpreting Results & Making Claims
  • September: Teaching Researchers to Analyze & Interpret Findings

July: Analyzing Words, Pictures, and Numbers

How to Make Sense of Statistics
Learn more!
Photovoice for Social Justice
Learn more!

We know that today’s researchers collect many kinds of data for qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods studies. We might need the capability to analyze spoken and written words from more than one language, images and media, as well as numbers and large datasets. To cover these topics, MethodSpace will offer original posts from experienced researchers, video interviews and research conversations, and links to library and open access resources.

You will have the opportunity to learn new ideas and practical skills from Mentors in Residence Stephen Gorard, Jean Breny, and Shannon McMorrow. They are authors of relevant new books: How to Make Sense of Statistics and Photovoice for Social Justice: Visual Representation in Action. Use the code MSPACE20 for a 20% discount when you order books from SAGE.

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