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Learn about the basics of theory and research design.

The focus in March will be on Theory and Research Design. We’ll explore theoretical frameworks, theory development, theory and praxis in relation to research design.

Take an in-depth look at theories in qualitative research design.

The Mentor-in-Residence will be Dr. Sharon Ravitch, co-author of Qualitative Research: Bridging the Conceptual, Theoretical, and Methodological. A new Second Edition is now available. In addition to author interviews about her work, Sharon will contribute guest posts on MethodSpace.

Through additional resources, open access journal articles, and author interviews, we’ll explore theory in the context or quantitative and mixed methods research as well.


Step outside your own discipline!

The focus in April will be on Interdisciplinary Research. We’ll aim to build understanding about how to bridge research practices across disciplines. 

The Mentor-in-Residence will be Dr. Rick Szostak, co-author of Interdisciplinary Research: Process and Theory, now in its 4th edition. In addition to author interviews about his work, Rick will contribute guest posts and research examples.

This month you will find original posts and open access articles about interdisciplinarity and collaboration in research, and about teaching interdisciplinary methods courses.


The focus in May will be on Mixed Methods and Multimethods. We will look at ways to design, conduct, and interpret research that uses multiple methods within and across qualitative and quantitative paradigms.  

Learn and practice with this new workbook.

The Mentor-in-Residence will be Dr. Michael Fetters. Dr. Fetters is the author of The Mixed Methods Research Workbookand the editor of the SAGE Journal of Mixed Methods Research, an interdisciplinary, international publication.  

Mike will be joined by Dr. Tashane Haynes-Brown for a MethodSpace Live webinar. Dr. Haynes-Brown  is the President, of the Mixed Methods International Research Association-Caribbean Chapter (MMIRA-CC). Mike and Tashane will demonstrate and discuss Joint Display Analysis.

Joint Display Analysis for Mixed Methods Research Webinar registration is now open!

May 14: 15:00 Find your time zone here.
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