• Hi,  could you advise me on literature to develop discussion in my article which addresses issue of ethics in social research practice.  I received feedback from two reviewers to the first variant of the article. While one of them consideres that my text is  focused on ethics in research practice, other indicates that it is focused rather on methodological issues than on ethical. That difference in opinion makes me think on methodology-ethic nexus in the context of sociological research. What is methodological issue and what is ethical one? How are they related to each other? In particular, can they be separated in a way that we can say that this particular issue is purely methodological and there is nothing ethical in it to be discussed?  I would be very grateful if you can advice me texts written by others which address these questions. The references to the articles in journals or open electronic resourses would be appreciated, since living in Russia I do not have access to the printed english language books 🙁  Many thanks in advance