• 1. Unwillingly and unknowingly – Yes.
    2. I assisted the teacher and her students to undertake research in one school – she claimed that she was the research mentor for her students and that they led the research (no – they didn’t). In the other school I assisted a group of teachers to undertake their research and I was also the university tutor i.e. I had different, complementary roles. The teacher who gained his PhD at that school claimed that he undertook both these roles (No – not so) and that I had never been a research mentor for him in the past (Yes, I had). Thus both teachers were effectively impersonating me and taking credit for the successful outcomes of my research mentoring – in the first school the students learnt to undertake research (though they did not ‘lead’ it) and in the second school this deputy head did not even turn up for most of the sessions let alone tutor teacher researchers nor provide personal/professional support.
    3. No – I was not consulted at any point. 
    4. Yes – the model of research mentoring they cite is evidentially my concept & I can prove it. (In the same vein, photo images are lifted from my website).
    5. Yes.
    6. Yes (please see my response to your second question).
    7. Yes – the video footage was taken out of context and commented on.
    My questions to you…
    1. What do you consider ‘fair use’ in educational research?
    2. What do you understand to be the differences between research tutoring and research mentoring?
    3. When might you sanction use of video that has not been authorised by the subject? (if ever)
    4. Do you think it is reasonable that one can only present one’s evidence at a Hearing following the award of a PhD to another student, if one is a student at the same university?
    5. Having received a Letter of Completion, having contacted the supervisor separately and had no response, having contacted the students and been told by one that her supervisor agreed to the use of video of me without consent and by the other that I have never worked with him – what would you do next?
    Thank you VERY much for such stimulating questions, Bernard – so helpful!
    Best regards,