• Hello Jo,
    Yes – that’s my feeling – permission should have been sought. Unfortunately I cannot get beyond the ruling by the VC’s appointed colleague to challenge…
    The implications seem to me to be far wider than an isolated infringement of a research mentor’s rights. I have obviously looked at the University’s Code of Conduct with regard to research ethics and I cannot find anything that limits the plagiarism or the copyright challenge I have brought to being a student at the same institution. Sounds like making up rules as one goes along to me…
    The question it raises in my mind is that for all the effort that has gone into formulating Ethical Guidelines for BERA/AERA/ECER – there is, in the end, no way of protecting one’s work against plagiarism and copyright infringement unless one cannot afford to take legal action – and even then there is likely to be a gagging clause (and a potential outcome is measured in financial loss>
    Thanks, Jo!