• Sage Publications wants to put up a companion website for my new book that has links to outstanding qualitative research articles from various disciplines (but they MUST be from journals published by Sage, like “Field Methods,” “Qualitative Inquiry,” “Qualitative Health Research,” etc.).
    What, to you, are at least 1 to 3 outstanding qualitative research articles you’ve read (or written!–don’t be shy!) that you feel merit a listing on the reference web page? What qualitative research articles do you feel are worth anyone in qualitative research reading, regardless of discipline? Remember: they MUST be from journals published by Sage.
    If you can send me any bibliographic info (the more complete the better) about your recommended article(s), I’d appreciate your help with this project. I’m looking for a wide range of genres and topics, from health care to psychology, from ethnography to grounded theory, from mixed methods to arts-based research. Either post to this discussion, or send the info to:
    Johnny Saldaña,
    Evelyn Smith Professor
    Arizona State University