• Are you just using interviews with people asking them to tell you their story of their life, and then using that (autobiographic-narrative) material as the basis of some theorisation or account or something by you?_____________________
    Dear Tom. Thank you for your very thoughtful points. You are right.  I did not make things clear. In my research I work on the ethnography of local people who challenge domination through creative resistance. Hence, the role of folk narratives (stories and songs) come into play. I collected data (personal narratives and songs) two years back when i was in Ethiopia and from different persons separately (and groups..for songs). Now I am thinking of using those personal narratives and songs to to work on theorizing an indigenous model conceptualizing how ordinary people survive in the face of state structured violence (but through a less-violent way, or through CREATIVE RESISTANCE) and to root those narratives and songs within the resistance culture of the society (what informed the narrative and the narrator has to be established). I hope I am clear. I appreciate your understanding and your patience.Please see next my sample Article:…thanks