• Dear Nayyereh
    Are you a research student?  If so, seek advice form your supervisors about what I am about to suggest, and discard these words if they don’t agree with me.  But you may need to make a “research decision” about how to proceed, as it might be that these questions you have can only be answered by adapting to your specific research and moving along without full resolution of your queries.  If that is the case one way to manage this is to be very very clear and articulate in writing up a “research decision” : what you decided to do, and why, and how the scholarly literature informs the decision you made about how to proceed –  

    eg “I made a research decision to analyse the data by…. This decision was made after considering the theory of XYZ and the methodology approach of ABC, as it made it possible for the research to address……..”  That is, say what research decision you made, and justify it against the literature.

    But don’t do this without support from more experienced colelagues sch as supervisors.  You may yet be able to resolve the query if Carspecken and others answer you.

    Are you a member of researchgate?  It is an online community for researchers such as yourself.