• Hello again
    Yes, that is a very good question to seek clarity on.  I am on sick elave at the momet, and did not use Carspeckon, but if no one here can help you have you considered:

    write to Carspecken, he has an email address

    read ethnographies by people who have used and explained his method -trying searching for dissertations and theses that used it, as thesetend to expand at length on methdoligical issues

    read journal publications that speak of using his method in their research – try a google scholar search. SAGE might be able to help yu too, try using their  search engine, and of course other eminent academic journals have search functions.

    if at a uni, your librarian can advise on how tp do this, in Australia we call this “information literacy” and it is taught by librarians at universities.

    Best wishes, let me know here if I can help further, I am not well at the moment and tired, but I would be honoured to support you.  You have asked a very important question and it may take you some time to answer it but that is the nature of your scholarly approach to your research – well done