• Dear Silverman

    First off all” enjoy your holidays. Allow me to say thank you again, coz our ideas and theories on qualitative research are FABULASTICO: more than great. 
    This semester I teach three classes of first year undergraduate studentsthe discipline of scientific methodology to first year, beginner for them to use the book:Doing Qualitative research third edition.
    I have a class of finalist students, they are in the process of writing a monograph/thesis , for them I use: Interpreting qualitative data third edition. 
    Despite the book are  heavy I use as pocket books because they are always in my bag. 

    Your books are creating a revolution in my university, because I use the books in lectures on qualitative research thatI organize for my colleagues. and we have good discussions because there is still muchconfusion between the qualitative and quantitative research.

    Professor, I can see that you have some interested papers on HIV AIDS, and   I am working on the subject too here in Mozambique, if possible, I would like to access does paper,

    thank in advance
    best wishes from mozambican summer