• Thanks Kate for the links to the first chapter.  I have asked my university library to purchase the latest edition but it will be some time before it arrives in my eager hands so having the fristc hapter is very useful.
    David, for my own research I was interested in what you said about anecdotalism.  I have written up case studies using interview exerpts from anonymous itnerviews, and have worried over the research decisions involved – that I may (ahem) be guilty of anecdotalism, of inadvertant diustortion of the data by presenting it as a series of anecdotes.  I think you are arguing that we can, as researchers, redress this by preserving less clear and alaso contrary and contradictory data and anecdotes, and also go over the excerpts and anecdotes we choose to ensure that they are representative and relevant/generalizable – and as mine is a lengthy doctoral thesis, I should discuss all of this in the thesis in order to make all of this open and transparent……??.