Lois Ann Scheidt

  • Ila,
    Darren’s comment illustrates some of the “localness” of the IRB process. He was asked to investigate the social media outlet policies but, I am assuming, was not asked to do the same with security polices of online survey tools. This is common…IRBs, like all regulatory activities, are reactive. If you run into walls with your research approval[Read more]

  • Hi Darrin,
    Thanks for the input.  I plan to use Survey Monkey as well and obtaining permission from the administrator of the online group I plan to study.  My methodology is a netnography so this is new to me as well as my school. So far nobody has said anything but I am trying to be proactive as much as possible.

  • Hi Lois,
    I attend Capella University which is an online institution so in terms of “local” IRB I will have to check with my mentor and school for that information.  My mentor does not foresee a problem but I want to make sure so I need to find out as much as possible.  I have a copy of AoIR’s paper on this matter and it has a lot of information.  It se[Read more]

  • I recently completed data collection for my dissertation using the internet for collection.  I sampled forums and social network sites.  My IRB requested that I investigate each forum and make sure they do not have a policy regarding research recruitment.  If they do then I was to provide documentation that I was adhering to any given policy.  I used sur[Read more]

  • Ila, Nice to see you again! The answer to your IRB question is a complex one. OHRP – the gov entity that oversees research in the US – has supported some rules for internet research for example, it is expected that there will be exception for documented consent because you can’t get “signed” forms. Of course since each US IRB is largely individual you[Read more]

  • Greetings,
    I just saw this group and decided to join. Lori I met you this past May at the ICQI Conference and attended your session (and you told me about AoIR).  I am in the proposal stage of my dissertation and my research is on virtual communities of practice and how they are used as support groups. Internet research is fascinating to me and I want to[Read more]

  • Karen, I would check out your universities online teaching tool. At IU we use Sakai an it’s easy to setup special permission for collaborators and participants to use the available tools…including private and group journaling.

  • Hello – I am a researcher at the VA and looking for a platform for secure online asynchronous bulletin boards as well as journaling. for participants. Any suggestions? Thanks