• This is a great book to read …if I may recommend some additional readings… Helga Nowothny 9head of the ERC right now) had a follow up book on this;

    Nowotny, H., Scott, P., & Gibbons, M. 2001. Re-thinking Science: Knowledge and the Public in an Age of Uncertainty: Polity.

    Also Anne Sigmiund Huff also made has some articles on this including the Presidential Address to the AOM conference;

    Huff, A. S., & Huff, J. O. 2001. Re-Focusing the Business School Agenda. British Journal of Management, 12: S49.

    Huff, A. S. 2000. 1999 Presidential Address: CHANGES IN ORGANIZATIONAL KNOWLEDGE PRODUCTION. Academy of Management Review, 25(2): 288-293.

    I find these very interesting articles. The premise of the Modal Knowledge Production argument is I think based on an interesting trend in research recently on the Dualism v Duality debate …. a source on this can be found at;

    Farjoun, M. 2010. BEYOND DUALISM: STABILITY AND CHANGE AS A DUALITY. Academy of Management Review, 35(2): 202-225.