• Hey All, I’ve just started evaluating a peer-based recovery-oriented youth supported accommodation and day program, (process and outcomes evaluation). I’m fairly new to evaluation and haven’t yet identified a framework or theory that suits the project but it seems inherently aligned with mixed methods research. We are actually planning a research component using a two social network analysis measures both of which quantify changes in social networks from ones that support continued using to ones that support recovery. The tools are done face to face and involve lots of post-it notes and coloured paper dots representing using status of their social network members (i.e. the people they spend time with) and the idea is for them to map out their social networks and see what need to change. The mapping will occur 3 times at admission, during program and then at follow-up. The quant analysis will focus on correlations between standard measures such as drug use and quality of life  with social network change. The qual part will be to audio record a dialogue with them about how and why they were able to make changes over time and what impact that has had on them. This may allow some mixed methods speculation about what causal mechanisms underlie the qualitative correlations found, perhaps I’ll do a focus group with some of them to confirm or amend these speculations. It’s all rather ambitious given this is my first venture to MM and so I’ll be keen to speak to people with some experience in working with participants inviting them to explore causal mechanisms of their own process of change.