• Power estimates for single and compound mediational models can be conducted in Mplus using the Montecarlo command. Here is an example of Mplus code for modeling a single mediation model with “moderate” effects.
    title: Single mediation modelmontecarlo: names are x m y; cutpoints = x (0); nobs = 264; nreps = 10000; seed = 2222; analysis: type=meanstructure; model population:  [x @ 0];  x@.25;  [m -y@0];  m@.98;  y@.954;  m on x@.4;  y on m@.4 x@.4;  model:   [ m -y*0];   m*.98;   y*.954;   m on x*.4;   y on m*.4 x*.4;   model indirect:   y ind x;