• Hi Steffan, I recently gave a paper on affordances which included much more on the issue of ‘socializing affordances’.  I looked at a number of papers on affordances in media design, and realised that:
    i) It doesnt actually make sense to go around calling everything an affordance.
    ii) If so, we need to revisit the issue: In short, affordances are about change and adaptation, but that doesnt include what I much earlier called ‘routine practices’, which are stable, and probably shared with many others.
    So I put together an initial sketch of the use/affordance relationship.
    The paper is still in draft, but if you would like to have a copy (not for quotation) let me know at my email: and I’ll send you a copy.
    I am very sympathetic to Bourdieu’s Habitus, although I am no expert.  What we found in the affordances project (see chapter 4) is that learning is intimately linked with identity, identity can be seen as an (adapting) repertoire of afforances, and that affordances are continually pulled in different directions by different (and often competing and even incompatible) discourses. 
    I have a sneaking feeling that Bourdieu deals with similar issues, but in a far more elegant fashion.  But maybe some food for thought there.