• Sounds very interesting. Are there any links to Billett (or Unwin/ Fuller’s work) that I can follow up?
    The work we have done on affordances covers a number of case studies of work-place learners ( who have come back to education to do a degree. They engage with very different affordances in the Higher Education environment, and in the workplace, to carve out quite suprising affordances for themselves (in the case of ‘April’), or heavily contest the way affordances are framed for them (in the case of ‘Mike’). But in both cases there is a large discrepancy between what the university thinks is an affordance for them, and what they regard as an affordance (or dis-fordance). I am trying to get a paper together on some of these issues, titled “The paradox of becoming a ‘graduate-professional'” – the issue is simply that the two different requirements (academic and professional) rarely sit together comfortably.