• Asafa – hi and welcome! Your project sounds very interesting indeed – good luck with it. I have limited experience with ethnography, but if I were in your position I would seek some advice in established texts. ‘Interpreting Qualitative Data’ by Silverman is a good starting point, which I am sure you are aware of. Digitizing/transcribing your data sounds like a good, albeit tedious, first step. In my experience there is no substitute to doing the transcriptions yourself since you really get to know your data that way. In terms of organising your data, I imagine various themes may well cross-cut your data, and any one of these could serve as a way of organising and thinking about your data. If you use a software package such as MAXQDA to organise (and transcribe and maybe analyse) your data, then you can stay flexible about how you group your data since the software allows you to do so in multiple ways. To access support and information materials on such software packages, see the CAQDAS Networking website, based at the University of Surrey UK
    good luck!