• Beliefs are important elements in our day today  life which influence the way we take decisions and the way we behave. Considering professional life too, belief system one possess influences how he/she takes decisions and act accordingly.The important question is how we are going to quantify such a complex variable like the belief system one possess. Focusing in limited area of the professional life will make it easier. For example, if a researcher wishes to understand how the mechinery of elementory Science teachers’ belief system works regarding her decision to teach students come from disadvantaged family backgrounds. Researcher,may do a literature and find out variables associated with such situations. Based on those noted variables he/she may be able to develop an Instrument. It may be a Observational shcedule for Classroom observation, interview schedule, or Scale.My argument is that such a measure will result in only the part of the phenomena. A mixed method design where quantitative data coming from collecting data using such a scale may be complemented with qualitative data gathered through an in depth interview. I want to start discussion on this matter. Postgraduate researchers in the forum are kindly invited to comment on this matter
    Dayananda Keppetigoda.