• Dear Dayananda, Glad to know that you are doing research on the students who obtained zero in examinations. As your research is on attainment in scholarship examination restricting to zero marks may be focusing on part of the issue. If you can find the distribution of the marks and you can choose from a range starting with zero then i think you can have better insights. As you have mentioned your objective as to find the socio economic backgrounds and its relation to scholastic attainment, my suggestion is to go for a qualitative research with appropriate sample size. One you have completed your qualitative research you can enrich with case studies, critical events that contribute to such performance( such as loss of family member, rural indebtedness, agricultural losses, family turmoil, health issues of family members etc). With your analysis you can attribute causality to factors relating to schools, effect of peer groups, socio economic conditions, teachers attitude etc. With warm regards, Dr.K.Prabhakar