• Hi EveryoneI work in the Department of Research and Development,National Institute of Education, Sri Lanka. The main responsibilty of our department is to carry out educational research that will enable educationists to take informed decisions towards improving the Quality of education in my country. Last year I did a work on students who have received zero marks at the grade five scholarship Examination held in 2009.Grade five scholarship examination in Sri Lanka is considered as an important examination,organized and conducted by the Department of examination to select students to award scholarships for their further education.Those who obtain high marks will have the opportunity to study in prestegious schools in the country and they receive a bursary.However,There were 1400 students who have received just zero marks at this examination.Of them all I selected 19 students and I did 19 case studies.Now we are planning to do a cross siteanalysis of thenanlysis of the 19 case studies to find out whether there are any common patterns,for example whether most of the students come from the same socio economic background or whether the students attended the same type of school etc.I would like to know your comments about this research