Hinton Bentes


Administrator, acting in a non-profit organization and University Professor.

Director at AmazôniaTec a non-profit organization that operates in the areas of sustainability, technology and education.

Knowledge in the area of strategic management beyond control of expenses, for micro and small companies. Acting with leadership of teams, training, technical training courses and higher education for more than 15 years. I work writing articles for blogs with current topics of management, environment and technology and subjects of interest to society.

As a Professor of graduation at Faculdade Estácio, in the municipality of Castanhal, he taught classes in the area of logistics and entrepreneurship.

In both professional and teaching areas, I propose partnerships and exchange of information, teaching and learning through active methodologies and the most modern management strategies.

Instituto de Estudos Sustentáveis e Tecnológicos da Amazônia – AMAZONIATEC


Trav. Barão do Triunfo Nº2921 Office 04

Neighborhood: Marco

Zip Code: 66093-050

Belém – Para-Brazil

Tel. +55 (91) 98113-5434



Discipline Areas

Management, Environment and Technology and Subjects of Interest to Society

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