louise corti

  • Hello, I came to your presentation at the SRA conference last year. I am very interested in secondary data analysis, archives and longitudinal data sets. I haven’t had the opportunity to use them for research outside of my studies a few years ago now, but am thinking of doing a PhD in a year or two and would like to do it on either secondary datasets as a[Read more]

  • We are launching our new website this month! We are very keen to get contributions of case studies based on using secondary data. If you have used data, why not drop us a line to see if your secondary analysis might be worth publishing as a short case study. These provide great ‘impact’ stories. We are offering Amazon vouchers for those published!

  • Hi all,

    Welcome to the ESDS group. Feel free to start debates about social science data we hold or about use of data. We are very interested in user experiences and about methods of secondary analysis of data – solutions, problems, novel ideas and so on.